Maryos Accounting Mississauga

Other Services

Due to our diverse client base, we encounter a wide array of financial and tax issues. As a result, we have gained valuable experience over the years in numerous specialized areas, many of which are listed below. We feel our ability to provide such a variety of services reflects our versatility and competency, as well as our dedication to quality client service.

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Corporate recovery
  • Asset protection
  • Debt Management
  • Business start-up or expansion
  • Litigation support
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Expert witness services

Aboriginal Client Services

Services for existing and new aboriginal businesses, individual aboriginal clients, and First Nations.

Corporate Recovery

Many promising businesses experience periods of financial stress. Our team of professionals can help you identify opportunities and risks, and assist with restructuring, refinancing, cash management and other services to help you put your business back on a sound financial footing.

Disaster Recovery Planning

An unforeseen emergency, such as fire or natural disaster, can be devastating to your business. Our team of professionals will help you assess potential vulnerabilities and develop a plan to facilitate recovery from a crisis affecting your normal business operations.

Elder Planning

There are many special considerations involved in planning for the long-term well-being of older adults. Our team is well equipped to assist you in making and implementing plans for the care and financial security of your loved one or client.

Employee Benefit Plans

The accounting and tax issues involved with employer-provided benefit plans can be overwhelming. We can assist with the development, implementation and administration of your employee benefit plan.

Expert Witness Services

Pending or existing litigation can result in the need for a qualified professional to present his/her opinion to support or oppose evidence submitted to the court. Our level of competence allows us the opportunity to function as expert witnesses in such cases.

Internet Commerce

If your business is not on the Web, it needs to be. We can help you determine if your company would benefit from setting up a “virtual storefront” on the Internet and assist in implementing adequate systems and controls.

Litigation Support

Litigation support involves the quantification of economic damages pursuant to existing or pending litigation using accounting and auditing techniques. We have experienced staff who can compile information efficiently to assist in the calculation and documentation of any potential economic loss or damages.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Finding the right business partner for your company can be a difficult task. We can assist you in the merger or acquisition process by assessing such critical elements as tax considerations; product/service compatibility; competitive tactics and position; financial impact; and cash flow considerations.

Personal Debt Management

Personal debt in Canada stands at a record high, and it is not unusual for individuals to experience temporary financial difficulties. We can help you recover your financial health by developing strategies for orderly retirement of debt, or, if necessary, implementing a personal bankruptcy. Our approachable staff will be happy to outline options, and explain what is involved.

Privacy Compliance

The federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act provides strict rules for the protection of personal information held by Canadian businesses. Not only is compliance mandatory for most commercial enterprises, your commitment to privacy is an important factor in your relationship with your customers. Our team can assist you in identifying privacy risks, developing policies and procedures, and implementing any systems or organizational changes necessary to ensure that personal information in your possession is well protected.